Arlington, Tx

On September 7th, Kingdom Stunters joined up with Sagamore Baptist Church for their Friday evening “Back to School” event. It was a pretty fun event up until Mike King lowsided a sitdown circle by over-throttling the bike and received a serious blow to the top of his foot from the direct impact of the bike. Minutes after it happened, Ron Punch, layed hands on him and prayed for him. Praise God for giving Mike enough temporary relief and flexibility in his ankle to finish the show. He then had to be practically carried into the student center to speak. This was a special evening, because we had two MC’s, a rider/speaker, Brad Davidson performing a drama of the gospel story and then Valorie on keys taking us to the throne of God through worship. After it all, talking with the kids was really special and they will be in our prayers. Blessings to Jared, Alyssa and the Sagamore staff!

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