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Broken Femur

So this winter, I (Mike King) was doing some cross-training at a local motocross track when I had an unexpected collision with another rider. The two bikes collided mid-air over a table top jump and catapulted me off the bike. I landed on my side and fractured my femur just below the hip joint. The other rider was unharmed from the accident and began to assist me with trying to get off the track. It became apparent that any movement caused excruciating pain. The track-side medic loaded me on a board and several riders proceeded to put me in the back of a pickup where I was then towed a few hundred yards to a nearby ambulance. The ambulance then set me up with morphine and moved me to a CareFlight helicopter. The helicopter took me to Baylor Dallas where they did x-rays and performed emergency surgery to reattach my femur to the hip joint. The doctor advised that I would have to keep all my weight off that leg for 90 days to allow the bone to heal. He said that the hardware was not designed to bear my weight and if I tried to walk on it, the screws would break and I would need a hip replacement. I spent one night in the hospital and after passing physical therapy, they sent me home to begin the slow process of healing. Please pray for myself and my family as this will be a long road to recovery. Because of the current situation with healthcare in the United States, we are uncovered and anticipating paying for the medical expenses out-of-pocket. We did receive some favor already with the hospital and surgeon as they are suggesting based on our tax return that we should receive a 80-90% discount. The careflight gave us a 50% discount on the flight because we signed up for membership the same day. We haven't spoken with the anesthesiologist yet. At this point we don't know what the medical costs are, but they could be 20-30k with the discounts (careflight could be 17k). A friend in our church homegroup set up a place where we could receive donations. Please consider partnering with us both in prayers and giving.

For donations: click on the family picture below. Thank you and God bless you!

X-rays both pre and post-op

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