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Oak Cliff, Tx

10-26-2009 This past weekend the Lord opened another door for us to share the gospel. We were invited by Faith Temple Church in Oak Cliff, TX to do a show at there picnic. It was a really awesome time because our families were able to come out and there was plenty of stuff for the kids to do, not to mention the incredible joy the Lord gives us when we perform stunts for Christ and then give him the glory. Everything from face panting to a remote controlled deputy puppet provided by the Dallas Police Department. The Careflight helicopter even landed on the grounds and the pilots got out to take pictures with people and let the kids get up close to the aircraft. I want to thank Ron for rockin’ the microphone, Marc for helping with setup and setting out the cans, Jason for helping with setup and Kelvin for getting our foots in the door. You guys are great! The show went really well. The street was closed off perfect for stoppies. Until the end of the show when I bailed and landed on my back pretty hard. Mike was able to share his testimony and the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was really awesome!

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